Metal roofing is making big waves in the roofing industry. Although once thought to be useful only for industrial or commercial buildings, industry experts learn just how beneficial metal roofing Houston can be for homeowners. From beautiful designs to increased efficiency and safety, metal roofs provide plenty of benefits while remaining on-trend.

1. Increasing Energy Efficiency

man and woman thinkingRising utility costs mean more homeowners are looking for ways to create more energy-efficient properties. Many overlook metal roofing because they assume it retains heat and will make a home too hot during the summer months. The opposite is true, though. Asphalt roofing was specifically created to heat attics, therefore heating the rest of a home. Metal roofing can include an anti-reflective coating that prevents heat from entering the house and causing the air conditioner to overwork itself during warmer weather. Metal roofing also works well for homeowners who want to install solar panels. The material easily supports the photovoltaic systems required for the panels. The cost of panels is dropping, but the cost of labor for installing them isn’t. For this reason, many homeowners are choosing metal roofing to prevent the extra labor costs associated with installing solar panels on asphalt or other types of roofing.

2. Providing Better Protection During Storms

Hurricanes have always been a concern for homeowners in Texas, but 2020 has set unprecedented records for the number of hurricanes and tropical storms, as well as how strong they are. Researchers believe the trend is likely to continue, making metal roofing Houston all the more important. Metal designs withstand high winds, heavy rains, hail, and falling debris much more easily than less resilient structures. Because it withstands inclement weather better, homeowners often spend less than they would on roofing repairs than they would for other materials.

3. Creating a Range of Styles for Metal Roofing Houston

rooftop view from a metal tileWhen most people think of metal, they imagine rigid sheets of gray, silver, or black that may look futuristic but offers no other aesthetic appeal. Roofing contractors in Houston know that isn’t true. In fact, metal roofs are quite versatile in their design capabilities. Metal roofs come in several colors and various styles, which some don’t look like metal at all. Manufacturers create metal options that look like clay tile, slate, asphalt, or even wooden shake roofing, making it easier than ever for homeowners to have a sturdy roof without giving up its aesthetic appeal. Metal options also make it easier for homeowners to mix and match, customizing as they go along to create a truly unique style.

4. Maximizing the Benefits of Natural Light

Houston homeowners see an average of 204 sunny days per year. Metal roofing provides an easier way for people to take advantage of that natural sunlight. Manufacturers find it easier to incorporate skylights into this type of roofing. Homeowners can then use skylights in master bedrooms to wake up gently with the sun each morning or as a statement feature in a large living room or kitchen. Some people worry that metal roofing coupled with skylights will make for too much noise during heavy rainstorms, but well-chosen insulation ensures it is just as quiet as any other roofing material.

5. Adding Long-Term Value With Metal Roofing Houston

One of the biggest benefits for homeowners who switch to metal roofing is its long-term value. People are now living in their homes longer than they used to, so having a roof that stands the test of time is important. On average, people live in a house for 13 years before selling it. Those who have asphalt roofing or other, less durable materials will likely need to re-roof at least once during that timeframe. However, those who make the switch to metal roofing can expect it to last for decades. Even when the time does come to replace a metal roof, it is a better option. Unlike other roofing materials, metal roofing is 100% recyclable, making it a better choice for the environment.

Are you a new Houston homeowner looking to make the switch to metal roofing? Perhaps you already joined the increasing number of residential property owners who have metal roofs and simply need roofing repair. Either way, we can help. Get in touch with the industry roof experts at Guardian Roofing to learn more about our metal roofing services.

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