Are you considering a Houston roofing project? Upgrade your roofing and insulation at the same time to save both time and money. Considering both will reduce the hassle of having to deal with two separate home improvement projects. Not to mention, you gain energy benefits that will save money all through the year.

Signs That You Need To Upgrade Your Insulation

Although heating and cooling costs are unavoidable in most Houston homes, you can definitely control it for full efficiency. Watch out for these warning signs that state the need of insulation:

  • Even though the heating or cooling system is on, some rooms never get comfortable
  • You’re paying high energy bills compared to the level of comfort in your home
  • You only use your attic as storage space
  • The current insulation is damp or wet (a sure shot sign that it needs a replacement)

“An un-insulated or under-insulated roof can result in 25% heat loss.”

Roof insulation

Once you decide to invest in new insulation, the next step is choosing the right time and a reliable roofing contractor in Houston. For most homeowners, the best time to upgrade the insulation is during a roof replacement.

Wondering why investing in new insulation with your roofing anywhere in Houston TX is a smart choice?

Here are the top 5 reasons:

1. A Skilled Contractor Is Already Present

When you combine Houston roofing with insulation, you have a chance to save a lot of time and money. Your contractor is already present on the site for inspections, measurements, and estimates. Since labor is ready, the costs will be lower compared to undertaking two separate projects.

Also, clean-up is much easier. Not to mention, it reduces the level of noise, disturbance, and intrusion. As a result, your family and home are happier.

2. It’s Common To Discover Attic Insulation Problems

Many roofing contractors in Houston discover significant problems with the insulation in your attic during the replacement.

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Roof damage usually affects the insulation, too. Plus, issues like mildew and mold on the insulation need immediate attention. The best option is to rectify the problem with new insulation.

3. Roofers Might Find Troubles With Attic Ventilation

Since roofers deal with roof vents regularly, they’re in a better position to notice problems with your ventilation. In case your roof is old, or the construction is poor, venting problems occur. As a result, the condensation from hot air can promote the growth of mold and cause surfaces to rotten. A Houston roofing contractor can guide you towards better venting and insulation solutions. Thus resolving all your condensation problems.

Many millions of square meters of flat roof are not yet green – this means wasting an enormous potential of living space. Flat roof systems consist of a supporting structure and several functional layers. Almost all these systems require an insulation layer. It warms in winter, cools in summer, saves energy, and reduces Carbon Dioxide emissions.

“Insulation in U.S. buildings reduces carbon dioxide by 780 million tons every year, equal to the electricity use of more than 90 million homes per year.”

5. Your Insulation Needs A Roof Repair

In rare cases, your insulation and roof might be inseparable. For instance, your attic may have foam insulation panels right under the roof. If you need to remove your roof, it is mandatory to fix or upgrade your insulation, too. Similarly, in case you have any moisture barriers or roof-related features, replacing the roof and insulation together is the best option.

Once you decide to undertake the insulation work, the next step is to choose the right material. Talk to your roofing contractor in Houston about the ideal insulation for your home. The most common types include batts, blown, and spray foam.

“A loft insulation can last for up to 40 years, and it pays for itself over the years.”

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Just like any home remodeling work, the key to a successful project is hiring a trustworthy contractor. You need someone who will genuinely advise the need for new insulation, not just to increase the project cost.

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