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The Right Company for Commercial Roofing Houston

We are the top commercial roofing company in Houston, If your roof is damaged or needs to be replaced, contact us at Guardian Roofing now!

Guardian Roofing is proud to offer commercial roofing services. If you own a business you want to ensure that your property is safe from weather damage and other threats. To do so, you need a stalwart roof and reliable roofing company to help you keep it that way.

So what can you expect when hiring Guardian Roofing? We provide a variety of services to ensure that whatever your issue, we can resolve it quickly.

Is Your Building’s Roof Leaking?

Investing in your building’s roof is investing in your business. Regular roof maintenance helps protect your company’s assets and prevent unsafe working conditions. You know you have a problem when you find:

  • Roof leaks
  • Blow-offs, tenting, or billowing
  • A faulty installation
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Ponding water or water standing for more than 48 hours
  • Punctures and penetrations
  • Safety hazards such as fires, slips, or falls.
  • Improper repair
  • Shrinkage or erosion
Roof Scaffold

Guardian Roofing’s commercial roof repair services include new roof installation, fixing leaks, repairing storm damage and providing general maintenance in Houston. As your transparent commercial roofing contractors we work by your side as we inspect your roof, understand the losses and suggest the right plan of action.

For new installations, we go beyond regular contracting work. Our state-of-the-art roofing systems like the CertainTeed Integrity Roof Systems provides outstanding roof performance.

Contact us today to schedule a commercial roof repair appointment. We offer commercial roof repair services throughout the Houston Area.

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Tool Kit Belt

Our Key Areas of Expertise:

Metal Roofing in Houston

Metal Roofing is one of the oldest commercial roofing solutions in the market. In most cases, we use processed steel, but sometimes, also work with aluminium or tin.

Metal roofs are lightweight, and thus, we can install them on top of your existing commercial building roofs.

We can also install a coating for UV protection, rust prevention, and waterproofing. Metal roofs are available in varied designs and colors, can hold up high winds and snowfall and are energy efficient. Not to mention, they are less prone to fire damage.

TPO Membranes

TPO stands for Thermoplastic Polyolefin and is a single ply roofing membrane that’s energy efficient.

The membranes are UV resistant, available in a variety of colors and flexible and durable. The material is also easy to install and takes less time and work. Many manufacturers offer warranty for about 30 years, assuring longevity too.

They are also grease resistant so make an ideal choice for industries and factories. TPO is an economical choice for property owners who need an affordable solution.

Membrane Roofs

Also known as TPO roofing, rubber roofs are an excellent choice for commercial roofing Houston. They offer low maintenance costs and easy repair solutions, so building managers get complete peace of mind.

The roofs provide high flexibility and incredible strength. If your property has an unusual roof shape, rubber membranes can easily contour to fit in. During installation, this roof doesn’t need any heat, fumes or machinery.

Based on your building’s size and shape, the weather conditions in your locality and your expected life for the roof, our certified technicians can suggest the right roofing materials.

Preventive Maintenance Programs

You can also avail our exclusive maintenance programs that help you take care of your roofs through the years with regular inspections and check-ups.

Our team of professionals will diagnose any problems early on so that we can repair roofs without needing costly replacements. Whether it is wind and hail inspections, leak problems or broken shingles, we can take care of it with regular maintenance.

All our roofing contractors in Houston Texas, solutions meet international building codes, local requirements, and thermal energy code prerequisites. Trust your property’s roof to experienced commercial roofing contractors Houston.

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What Services Do We Offer?

Here at Guardian Roofing, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to roofing. Depending on personal aesthetics, environmental concerns, and building architecture, you may require different services. At the beginning of every job, we do a thorough inspection to identify any issues that may lead to hazardous conditions or expensive work later on. Once we have a clear idea of your roof’s condition, we can proceed with the installation, maintenance, repair, or replacement.

Roof Installation

When you’re looking for installation, you need a premier Houston roofing company to ensure the job is done right. A roof should last you 20 years at the very least, and a well-maintained one can protect for up to 30 years. If you want to maximize the lifespan of your roof, you need expert installation. Here at Guardian Roofing, we can install several types of roofs:Metal Roof Installation

  • Metal
  • Asphalt
  • Rubber

Metal Roofing

One of the most popular roofing types, metal has a lot to offer property owners:

  • Modern appearance
  • Practical design
  • Weather resistance

Due to Texas’s unique climate and geography, residences and businesses alike have many different weather effects to contend with. Metal is one of the tougher materials, able to withstand fierce winds, intense heat, and even powerful hailstorms. It’s also fireproof, which may be the difference between losing and salvaging the structure after ablaze.

Commercial Roofing

It isn’t just homeowners who need to worry about the state of their roofs. In essence, business owners also need to look after their property to prevent damage and promote a professional image. Guardian Roofing can help you with a wide range of issues:Roof Scaffold

  • Leaks
  • Erosion and shrinkage
  • Punctures
  • Standing water

These can be easily dealt with if addressed quickly, but allowing them to go unchecked can lead to expensive and even dangerous problems such as structural integrity problems, mold, and pest infestation.

Residential Roofing

Guardian Roofing offers many of the services for residences so families can be secure and cozy in their homes. If you suspect problems, we can inspect your roof and provide an estimate free of cost. Want to prevent future issues? We can schedule regular maintenance and evaluations so that you can stay on top of your roof’s condition.

Gutter Installation and Repairs

We don’t just deal with shingles — we can also install and repair gutters. These systems are integral to preventing leaks, staining, and water collection, as well as protecting your foundation. Catching damage or wear quickly can prevent mold growth and soil erosion, saving you major repair expenses. At Guardian Roofing, we can replace old gutters with modern styles designed to avoid debris buildup, which in turn can help you avoid issues such as the system pulling away from the roof and rot in wooden walls.

Roof Replacement

If you notice signs of roof damage, but it’s been a few decades since installation, it may be more cost-effective to replace your roof rather than repair it. How do you know if your roof is done for? Here are some signs that you need to look into replacement:Tool Kit Belt

  • Cracked, missing or curling shingles
  • Granules in the gutter or lawn after rain
  • Sagging and clusters of algae

If you need Commercial Roofing in Houston, get in touch with us at Guarding Roofing

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Why Is Taking Care of Your Roof Important?

Despite professional opinion, some property owners don’t address minor problems immediately and, instead, delay repair until a major catastrophe renders a building unlivable. This unfortunate circumstance creates greater inconvenience and expense — not just in direct costs, but in several other ways as well. In contrast, investing in your roof’s maintenance can provide long-term benefits.

Energy Efficiency

Your roof provides invaluable insulation, keeping your property at the proper temperature. While you undoubtedly have other forms of insulation in your walls, your roof acts as the front line against cold

and heat. When this structure is undermined, your HVAC system has to work harder to maintain the correct interior temperature, leading to higher energy bills

Property Value

If you’re looking to sell your home, roof repair or replacement is a must. Prospective owners are going to want a roof that’s fully functional and looks well-kept. By investing in a roof, you can even improve the property value.

Weather Protection

What happens when your roof doesn’t adequately protect you from rain, snow, and other precipitation? Unfortunately, you run the risk of mildew and mold growing in the walls and ceiling. This can pose a health hazard to inhabitants, especially if they have underlying respiratory issues or allergies. Moisture may also attract pests such as termites, which can leave property riddled with holes before you even notice the problem.

Why Choose Us For Your Commercial Roofing in Houston?

When you’re looking for roof repair Houston, Guardian Roofing is here to help. As our name implies, we’re dedicated to protecting you and your property from the chaos that damaged or ill-made roofing can cause. A family-owned business, Guardian Roofing understands that delivering the highest quality service is paramount.


Our team is highly qualified, with years of experience under our belts. This gives us insight, which allows us to identify potential issues before they wreak havoc. Understanding the consequences of a job poorly done, we never cut corners and always use first-rate materials.

Customer Service

We’re always transparent with our customers because we know trust is the foundation of a business relationship. When we spot a problem, we’re happy to review your options and discuss pricing plans.

In addition to being high-quality, our services are quick and can be scheduled for your convenience. Roofing repair is best done as soon as possible, so we send out a technician as quickly as the next day.

How Can You Get an Estimate?

Need a roofing expert? Guardian Roofing is just a phone call away. To learn more, reach out to us at (832) 998-3458 or contact us online.

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“John and his crews are some of the best and did a great job on our roof! I’ve referred John to many of my clients as well and all have been pleased! Solid, honest and professional!”

- Ann Buist

“Guardian roofing did a great job on our roof . We were very pleased with their attention to detail and their customer service. Our new roof loos beautiful!”

- Daniel and Veronica R.

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We are based in Tomball, Texas but also service the surrounding areas, including but not limited to the following:

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