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Are you looking for a reliable roof replacement company in Tomball that can repair or replace your current roof in minimal time? If so, you don’t need to look far. At Guardian Roofing, we excel at providing both residential and commercial roofing in Tomball and provide all our area clients with top-tier roofing services.

We are a veteran family-owned business with plenty of experience behind us. We’re accredited members of the Better Business Bureau, so you can rest assured that we consistently hold ourselves to the highest industry standards. We’ll do everything we can to help your roof stand the test of time.

Spring Roofing Offering:

Post-Winter Roof Inspections: After the harsh winter weather, it’s crucial to assess the condition of your roof to address any potential damage. Our team of seasoned professionals specializes in comprehensive post-winter roof inspections. We meticulously examine every inch of your roof to identify issues such as leaks, cracks, and loose shingles. By catching these issues early on, we can prevent further damage and extend the lifespan of your roof, saving you time and money in the long run.

Roof Cleaning: Over the winter months, debris, moss, and algae can accumulate on your roof, detracting from its appearance and compromising its structural integrity. Our roof cleaning services are designed to remove this unsightly buildup and restore your roof’s beauty and functionality. Using safe and effective techniques, our expert team will thoroughly clean your roof, leaving it looking like new and ready to withstand whatever the seasons throw its way.

Storm Season Preparation: As storm season approaches, it’s essential to ensure that your roof is prepared to weather the elements. Our dedicated team specializes in storm season preparation, reinforcing vulnerable areas such as flashing and seals. We also provide personalized recommendations for additional protective measures to minimize the risk of storm damage. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can have peace of mind knowing that your roof is fortified and ready to withstand whatever Mother Nature has in store.

Core Roofing Services Include:

Guardian Roofing in Tomball – Our Core Services

Here at Guardian Roofing, we offer numerous services to the residents and business owners of Tomball. Some of the services we offer include:

Commercial Roofing in Tomball

Our commercial roofing services offer resolutions to all your roofing issues. We have seen almost every roofing problem imaginable, and we know just how to fix them. We commonly deal with the following commercial roofing problems:

  • Punctures
  • Faulty installation
  • Roof leaks
  • Improper repair
  • Standing water
  • Safety hazards
  • Erosion
  • Lack of general maintenance
  • Blow-offs

If you’re experiencing any of the issues above, or something else, we’d love to come to inspect your roof to troubleshoot its current problems. After our assessment, we’ll recommend a course of action that will help return your roof to reliable condition.

We know how important it is that your business returns to normal ASAP. That’s why Guardian Roofing is always available, whether you need someone to come over after a storm to repair any related damage or you’re looking to schedule regular maintenance services every year. Let us know what your business needs, and we’ll do our best to help right away.

Residential Roofing in Tomball

In addition to leading commercial roofing services, we also help Tomball residents enjoy strong, safe roofs on their homes, ones that are capable of protecting family members and belongings. As a respected roofing company in Tomball, we know how much you rely on your roof for security purposes. Your roof also helps keep your heating and cooling bills down by helping to regulate the temperature inside your home, making it even more important that your roof is in good shape.

That’s why we only use high-quality roofing products for all residential projects. In addition to using quality products, we also use tried-and-proven techniques to complete all roofing jobs to customer satisfaction. Whether your roof only needs a small repair or it needs to be replaced entirely, we’ll take the time to do the job correctly. We don’t consider the job a success until you are happy with the results.

Gutter Installation and Repair

We do more than provide exceptional roofing services in Tomball. We can also take care of your gutter installation and repair needs. Gutters divert rainwater away from your home and are important to keeping your home safe. If they are clogged or otherwise damaged, they could leave your home and property susceptible to water damage. Plus, damaged gutters are unsightly and can minimize your home’s resale value.

To keep your gutters in good physical condition, it’s a good idea to schedule regular maintenance services. We’ll come out and analyze your gutters to see if there are any obvious issues. We can also install a brand-new gutter system when your current system gets too old. By taking measures to protect the status of your gutters now, you can prevent bigger issues with your roof and your home down the road.

New Roofs

We’re known for our expert roof repair services, but did you know we can also install an entirely new roof for you? Whether you have a commercial structure or you’re renovating your current home, your project won’t be complete until you install a roof. We can make sure this step is done correctly so that your roof can serve its intended function as long as possible.

A few signs that it may be time to install a new roof include:

  • Missing or cracked shingles
  • Signs of mold on your shingles
  • Curling shingles
  • Sagging roof
  • Water leaks

If you notice any of these serious issues, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll come out and check out the damage to determine whether we can repair it or if total roof replacement is required.

Metal Roofing in Houston

Metal roofing has become quite common in Tomball and surrounding areas. If you’re considering roof replacement Houston services, you may want to give metal roofing some thought. It’s commonly used in both commercial and residential applications because it’s sustainable and durable. Additionally, it typically costs much less to repair and maintain a metal roof than repair and maintain a traditional shingled roof. Finally, metal roofing gives your home or commercial building an elegant, professional appearance that is timeless. The up-front cost is a little higher, but the long-term payoff is worth it for many people.

If you want to replace your roof, we encourage you to at least consider the benefits metal roofing can offer you. To learn more about the benefits of metal roofing, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Why Visit Guardian Roofing in Tomball

The roof plays a vital role in any building. It’s what protects the structure from harsh weather while also helping to regulate energy costs. This is why it’s essential to work with a Houston roofing company you can trust if you need any roofing services.

Guardian Roofing has been helping out the residents of Tomball with their roofing needs for years. Over that time, we’ve earned a reputation as a roofing services provider that delivers quality repairs and installations at an affordable price. As residents of this area ourselves, it’s important to us that our neighbors have roofs over their homes and businesses on which they can rely.

Whatever sort of help you may need with your roof, our team of experts is here to help. We’ll quickly schedule a time to visit your location, then analyze the situation. From there, we’ll give you our expert opinion on the best course of action and provide you with an estimate of the costs. You can then decide how you want to proceed, and if you decide you want to work with us, we’ll get started on the work ASAP.

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We’d also provide you with a free estimate for roof replacement Houston services. To schedule your consultation or ask any additional questions, contact us through our online form or call using the number below. Guardian Roofing looks forward to exceeding your roofing expectations, today.

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“John and his crews are some of the best and did a great job on our roof! I’ve referred John to many of my clients as well and all have been pleased! Solid, honest and professional!”

- Ann Buist

“Guardian roofing did a great job on our roof . We were very pleased with their attention to detail and their customer service. Our new roof loos beautiful!”

- Daniel and Veronica R.

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