Is your business roof looking a little shabby? If you notice signs of damaged shingles, sagging in certain areas, or if your roof is older than 15 years, it’s time to consider getting it replaced. Without prompt replacement, your old, worn-out roof could quickly become a safety hazard that puts your life, the lives of your visitors, and the lives of your employees at risk. At Guardian Roofing, we offer both roof replacement and roof repair Houston services. We know many businesses in the Houston area do well with metal roofing.

If you’ve never really considered metal roofing for your establishment, or if you don’t know much about it, we’re happy to tell you everything you need to know. Here are the top five reasons to consider a metal roof for your business instead of a conventional asphalt roof.

Avoid Overworking Your Air Conditioning System

Did you know metal roofing can reduce strain on your air conditioning system? Metal gets so hot to the touch when it’s out in the sun. However, metal roofs help to deflect the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them. This means the interior of your building will stay cooler in the summer than it otherwise would.

Commercial air conditioning systems have a big job to do. In very hot Houston weather, they can quickly become strained, and their lifespans can be diminished. A metal roof installed by a trusted metal roof repair company can diminish the strain on your air conditioning system, so it lasts longer.

Save on Lifecycle Costs

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Studies show that metal roofs have a 40-year expected service life, as opposed to asphalt roofs, which have a 23-year expected service life. That’s a major difference, especially when you consider the cost of replacing an entire roof every 23 years versus every 40 years.

Building owners report spending 3.5% of their total metal roofing installation costs on maintenance. This is much lower than the owner-reported maintenance costs of asphalt roofs, which came in at 28.5% of their total installed costs.

In short, having roofing contractors in Houston install a metal roof on your building can potentially save you a lot of money in the end. Yes, a metal roof may be a little more expensive up-front, but most business owners find the higher initial cost worth the lower cost of maintenance and less frequent replacements.

Boost Property Value

People like the durability and peace of mind that metal roofing systems provide. Because they are so desirable, metal roofs increase property value. They can also help you command higher rent and sell prices. People are more likely to buy or rent a building when they know that the metal roof is more durable than other types and won’t require as many roof repair services.

Conserve Energy

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Energy conservation is something every responsible business owner should consider when choosing roofing materials for a building. A metal roof can potentially result in very good energy savings. It can accommodate more insulation than a regular shingle roof, which helps it conserve heat during the winter months and keep cold air inside during the hot summer months. Saving energy is not only a great way to protect your pocketbook but the environment as well.

Emphasize Sustainability

Did you know solar panels are making a huge role in the sustainability movement? Metal rooftops accommodate solar panels much better than regular asphalt roofs. That’s because it’s easier to attach solar panels without compromising the integrity of the roof by penetrating through it.

Steel roofing is also recyclable, while conventional roofing materials are rarely recyclable and often clutter landfills for many years. Some roofing materials even fall into the hazardous waste classification and have to be disposed of with great care. For this reason, steel roofing is preferred by many businesses that value sustainability.

Let Us Improve Your Roof

Whether you choose to go with metal roofing or some other type, we can make sure installation is done correctly the first time. To schedule a consultation with our roof repair company, please get in touch with us at your earliest convenience. Our team looks forward to discussing your roofing needs and how we can meet them.





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