While Texas experiences four seasons like the rest of the country, when it comes to climate conditions, we only have two: dry and rainy. The unfortunate side effect of dry and wet weather systems is the toll it takes on commercial roofing. However, these elements not only contribute to roof damage in Texas, or anywhere for that matter, but it also plays a role in the other factors–like commercial roof leaks.

The real question is, is there anything you can do to prevent roof damage and avoid significant repair costs? To answer that, you first need to understand the six most common causes for commercial roofing Houston.

  1. Age Is A Common Reason For Commercial Roof Leaks

commercial Roofing Leaks can be caused by roof age - older building with rust and damage

The first cause of roof damage to consider is its age. A roofing system is designed to last only so long before it requires repair or replacement. However, not every roof will last its predicted life expectancy, especially if it is not appropriately maintained. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to prevent natural damage.

A roof’s components will wear thin and require attention. Although, you can sustain a roof for some time with proper care and maintenance, as well as making repairs when needed. If you push off repair work or neglect the roof, then minor problems can quickly escalate leading to leaks in a building’s roof and other compromising situations.

  1. Pooling Water

If you have a roof leak, one of the first things a commercial roofing contractor will do is inspect the peaks and valleys of the roof, looking for signs of pooling water. Even flat roofs can have dips and bumps that lead to standing water and wear. Most often, the sinking or unevenness in flat roofs is due to settling over the years. However, regardless of the reason, pooling or standing water is a problem for the integrity of your roof.

Water weakens seals and can damage the membrane. To prevent this damage, make sure to check your roof for pooling after storms and clear excess water from the membrane until a more permanent fix is possible.

  1. Damaged Membrane & Commercial Roof Leaks

    close up of a rusted metal roof illustrating the important of roof maintenance

The roof membrane is the part of your roof that creates the barrier between the weather and the interior of your building. Unfortunately, it is relatively normal for these membranes to become damaged over time.

Whether because of the sun or storm, this part of your roof can experience shrinkage, blistering, cracks, or holes. Therefore, it is critical to inspect your commercial roof annually to ensure that the membrane is still covering and protecting the insulation layer of your roof.

  1. Damaged or Missing Flashing

Every commercial roofing installation includes flashing to protect the edges of the roofing membrane and to seal areas around chimneys and vents. However, fluctuating temperatures and severe weather conditions can damage this integral element. In some cases, the flashing can be ripped away from roof edges, exposing sensitive areas and creating an entry point for water to access the underlying roof structure. If the flashing is damaged, it needs to be repaired quickly to prevent the deterioration of the ceiling and roofing structures.commercial property with a severely storm damaged roof

  1. Poorly Designed Membranes

While it may not sound right, roofing membranes are designed for specific weather conditions and even areas. If you allow an inadequate membrane to be installed, then you are more likely to experience significant problems as time passes. In Texas, you need to have a membrane that can handle the exposure of the sun and dry heat, as well as the rainy seasons.

  1. Improperly Sealed Systems Can Cause Roof Leaks

Not every roofing company is created equal. When you need a roof repaired or installed, make sure you verify their license and insurance.

Many companies will try to cut corners, which may result in your roof being improperly sealed, leading to leaks and compromised structures. A properly installed roof should have all exposed edges covered and sealed, ensuring a tight, weatherproof fit.

You should never have to worry about the integrity of your roof. Are you looking for commercial roofing Conroe or Houston, Texas? If you are in need of installation or commercial roof repair, contact Guardian Roofing in Texas for a free roofing estimate. With seven years in the business, Guardian has established a positive reputation as a leading commercial roofing company in Houston Texas.


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6 Common Causes of Commercial Roof Leaks | Guardian Roofing – Houston, TX

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