According to the Rad Law Firm, 97% of all roofing accidents occur at home.

You may have ignored that tiny leak or loose shackle for too long. Timely inspection of your exterior and interior areas, roof perimeter, and other regions including drainage, penetrations, and joints improve the safety of your roof.

With proper maintenance, your roof stays in good shape, ensuring that small problems are addressed quickly, warding off potential big problems.

Keeps Moisture At Bay

Did you know that moisture is a roof’s biggest enemy?

That’s right.

When a roof leaks, typically the leaks go unnoticed for an extended period. This moisture gets soaked up by the insulation slowly before entering the home. As time goes by, the leak saturates the insulation and patches of the leakage occurs on the interior walls or roof.

A wet roof also increases energy losses up to 70% because wet insulation loses its thermal resistance.

The industry recommended standard of roof inspection is twice a year. However, immediate investigations must be conducted after any severe weather condition like rain, hail, or a storm.

Keeps Your Drainage Strong

The correlation between roof and drainage may not strike a chord immediately. However, it is essential to understand the link between the two.

Storm damage and heavy rains render the roof waterlogged. The logged water retains leaves, debris, and trash. The debris clogs the roof drainage and stimulates rot and moisture penetration. This problem mainly goes unnoticed because it does not have any immediate implications, but if left untreated, this may cause severe rotting, corrosion, and mold formation.

Houston Residential Roof Maintenance

Avoids Downtime And Hampered Productivity

Productivity is relevant for business owners of commercial buildings. It can be an office, a factory, or an inventory warehouse. If the roof is not maintained regularly, you run the risk of damaging the entire building.

A damaged enterprise will hamper the productivity of man and machine alike. It can cause incomparable delays and losses, thus affecting profitability. Preventive maintenance is of vital importance to keep a place up and running. It helps to maintain up time and productivity.

Keeps Your Roof Healthy

Often we underestimate the power of a sound and healthy roof. A healthy and robust roof makes your house look beautiful.

Inclement weather corrodes the design and details of the roof. The quality of the roof is compromised if you fail to do regular maintenance. Hence, make roof maintenance an annual/bi-annual practice to retain the beauty of your house.

Roof Maintenance Houston

Avoids Premature Roof Replacement Costs

More than 80% of all roofs are replaced prematurely because building owners think their responsibility is over after the roof is installed.

A preventive maintenance program by a professional roofer goes a long way in checking common weaknesses in roof assembly and identifying problems early on before they cause further damage to your roof. In fact, a roof maintenance program can save you up to 50% over the life of a 30-year roof compared to replacing it every 15-20 years.

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