Your commercial roofing is your first line of defense against the elements in Houston. From harsh sun to lingering humidity to severe thunderstorms, your roof protects you from a lot. It’s important to know who to turn to when you need commercial roofing in Houston, because a prompt inspection, replacement, or repair can make a big difference in the final cost you’re facing. Here are some common services you may need to schedule.

Roof Installation or Replacement

Quality commercial roofing helps protect your building and everything inside it. Whether you’re scheduling the first roof installation on a new building or you’re having your roofing replaced, it’s important to explore your options carefully and select the right roofing type for your building and budget. Some common options for a commercial roof in Houston include:

  • Metal roofing: Though metal roofs require a larger upfront investment, they have the greatest durability and longest lifespan.
  • EPDM roofing: Adequate for flat or low-sloped roofs, this roofing membrane is similar to rubber.
  • Asphalt shingle roofing: Asphalt shingles are affordable and popular on sloped roofs.

Built-up roofing: A built-up roof features layers of fabric and asphalt topped with gravel. This is an affordable and low-maintenance option for commercial buildings.

Maintenance for Commercial Roofing in Houston

It’s easy to overlook the roof in your building maintenance plan, as you may not come face-to-face with this part of the building very often. However, neglecting the roofing on your commercial building could prove disastrous for your business. Preventive maintenance can help you catch developing problems early so you can schedule repairs before a leak develops and threatens your building and inventory with water damage.

Have your commercial roofing inspected once a year by a professional who can use their trained eyes to spot potential issues before they’re obvious. This same professional can advise you on routine roof maintenance that you may need to handle yourself, such as cleaning gutters. Many companies offer preventive maintenance plans to help you stay on top of regular inspections and proactively care for your commercial roof.

Leak Repairs in Houston

Leaks are one of the most common issues you can face with your roof. Whether resulting from damage or wear, a leak can present a major hazard in your commercial building. It’s important to have a number of professionals who can quickly handle repairs for commercial roofing in Houston. Some types of roofing, such as tile and slate, are more susceptible to damage than others and may require more attention and care.

Storm Damage Repairs in Houston

As Houston commercial roofers know, this part of the country is susceptible to tropical storms, hurricanes, and other severe weather. Business owners need to stay vigilant for hurricane weather from June through November. Southeast Texas sees an average of 50 to 60 days with thunderstorms every year. About a third of these are severe. Hail, wind, and heavy rains can cause serious damage to your commercial roofing. If you suspect any issues with your roofing after a major storm, you should contact a professional roofing company for an inspection as soon as possible.

Roof Shrinkage Repairs in Houston

Flat and low-pitched roofs are susceptible to membrane shrinkage, which can decrease your roof’s efficiency and ultimately lead to water leakage. Roof shrinkage typically occurs when the membrane is of low quality or is improperly installed. However, harsh weather can also damage the membrane, causing it to shrink much sooner than it should. If the roof appears cracked or deformed, you’re likely dealing with shrinkage. Schedule a professional repair before the problem develops into a leak.

Gutter Installation and Repairs in Houston

Clean, functioning gutters are essential in Houston’s humid subtropical climate. Houston sees an average of 49.77 inches of rain a year, and many areas suffer from regular flooding. Regular roof inspections will help ensure that you don’t have any areas where water pools. Routine gutter maintenance will keep these critical routes clear for water to flow off the roof and away from the building unimpeded. If your gutters are damaged or need to be replaced, you should contact experienced Houston commercial roofers for essential repair or installation solutions.

If you’re looking for reliable Houston commercial roofers, contact Guardian Roofing. We offer a full range of services to keep your roofing and gutters in great shape year-round.