Having a good roof on your home helps protect you and your family from the elements. Over time, you may notice damage to the roof and need to decide if it’s time to replace it. Yet, many ask “how do I know I need a new roof? What are the telltale signs?” It’s far better to replace the roof when you first notice signs of a problem than to wait until the issue causes more damage.

How Do I Know if I Need a New Roof?

There are several signs that indicate you need a new roof. Whether you have asphalt shingles or a tile roof, if you notice any of the following six signs it’s time to hire a professional roofing company:

Cracked or Curling Shingles

While shingles don’t rot, they do decay over time. If you see the shingles looking patchy, curling up at the edges, or cracking, it’s time for a roof replacement. In addition, if you notice the granules on the asphalt shingles coming off and creating bare patches, you’ll want the roof replaced. When cleaning the gutters, whether you clean them yourself or have them professionally cleaned by a roofing company, look for excess granules. If there’s a buildup of granules in the gutter, it’s an indication of the shingles decaying.

The Roof Has Saggy or Soft Spotsgutter installation on a house

Roofs that have a wood deck may start to sag if the wood has begun to rot. If you notice the roofline looking droopy or you find any soft spots, you’ll need to have the roof replaced. Water damage to the wood is a serious issue that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

You See Water Damage or Leaks on Your Ceiling

When you look at your ceiling and see dark streaks, stains, or pieces of sheetrock coming apart, those are signs of water damage. Have a roofing company come and inspect your roof to see if the damage is from a leaky roof or a burst pipe inside the attic. If the water damage is due to a leaky roof, have it replaced before more damage occurs.

Damage to the Chimney Flashing

If you have an area of the roof that has flashing, like around a chimney or skylight, the flashing can get damaged. If the tar around the flashing is old and shrinks, water can leak around these vulnerable areas onto the roof. The longer the area around the flashing leaks, the more damage there will be to your roof.

Moss Is Growing on the Roof

Moss that grows in sheltered areas of the roof holds excess moisture that can lead to roof damage. Moss can be removed with brushing and scrubbing, but this process can damage the shingles. In addition, climbing around the roof can be dangerous. Consult with your roofing company to see if the moss has caused enough damage to replace the roof.

Water Seeping Under Roof Tiles

Tile roofs are common in the Houston area. They give the home a Southwestern or Mediterranean appearance suitable for a Texas lifestyle. However, they can get damaged, especially during inclement weather. If you notice water seeping under the tiles or see that your tiles are shifting, stained, or missing, you need a tile roof replacement. Water leaking under the tiles can lead to rot on the wood deck underneath. A rotting wood deck will cause damage to the house.

Should I Repair or Replace My Roof?

If you decide to have your roof repaired, hire a professional roofing company. Doing so will ensure the roof is fixed properly with the right materials for your roof style. Keep in mind that repairing a damaged roof may only fix a problem temporarily. Consulting with your roofing company can help you determine whether it’s worth the time or money to make a repair or replace the entire roof. Most roofs last for 20 years, so it’s a good idea to have the roof replaced if yours is around 20 years old.

Can I Repair or Replace the Roof Myself?

You can do your own roof work; however, working on the roof is hard and dangerous work. You need the right tools and equipment including ladders, scaffolding, and nail guns. There’s also a lot of debris with a roof replacement, so you need a dumpster as well. You have to coordinate the arrival and pickup of the dumpster and take care of all the cleanup from the roofing job.

While you may save a small amount of money doing the roofing job yourself, consider how much it will cost to buy everything needed. Replacing a roof can take several days, and you need to take into account whether you want to sacrifice your time to work on the roof. In the long run, hiring a professional roofing company will ensure that the job gets done right and in a clean and timely manner.

Will a New Roof Affect the Value of My Home?

Yes, a new roof will increase the value of your home. If you plan on selling your home, you want a new roof on it. The roof is one of the first things a potential home buyer sees. If the roof looks old with missing shingles or tiles, has moss growing on it, or is sagging, it won’t leave a good impression. Overall, a new roof will help increase the value of your home, whether you plan on selling it soon or in the future.

The roof of your home protects you and your family from the elements. It also helps regulate the temperature, keeps your home safe, and adds an aesthetic appeal. Replacing your roof is a big investment, so you want to make sure that the job is done right with high-quality materials and professional roofers.

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