Hiring a Roofing Company for Your Commercial & Residential Roofs

Homeowners and business owners alike care about the quality of their roofs. If there’s an issue with the roof, it can cause serious problems for those inside. For example, a small leak can lead to moisture inside, leading to extensive repairs. Rather than waiting for a disaster to happen, necessitating you leaving your home or shutting down your business, it’s best to take care of roofing issues as early as you can.

To do that, you may need either some roof repairs or an entirely new roof. You also need to find a team to help you identify which route is best and perform the necessary work quickly. Below you’ll find information on how to determine whether you need repairs or a new roof, along with why you should choose Guardian Roofing, a Roofing Company in Tomball, to assist you.

Signs You Need a Roof Repair from Local Roofing Companyroofing company tomball installs roof for residential homes

The first reason you may need a roofing company is when you need roof repair Tomball. There are a few signs to look for that will tell you it’s time for repairs. Damaged shingles are a classic sign that you need roof repairs. If you have shingles that are cracked, curled, or even missing, this could be allowing water to seep into the roof. You can also look for signs that the shingles are dark or wet.

It would be best if you also looked for signs of wear around any objects within your roof. For example, if your home has a chimney or pipe coming from your roof, look around the edges of it. This is a common area for deterioration to occur.

You may also notice some moss growing on your roof. Moss grows when there is trapped moisture, something you want to avoid on your roof. And while you can remove this moss with a stiff brush, it’s important to address the underlying issue as well.

Besides exterior signs, examine the interior of your home near the roof. If there are stains on the ceiling or walls near your roof, this signals a leak coming from your roof. You may also notice leaks in your attic or signs of light coming in from outside. Often, the exterior of your roof may look fine, or you may not be able to get close enough to examine it. Taking a closer look at the inside of your home can help you determine if there is an issue with your roof.

Lastly, keep an eye on your energy bills. Older roofs, or roofs with some damage, are not as efficient at regulating the temperature within your home. If you are spending a lot more to heat or cool your home, and you can rule out other factors like increasing your electricity rates, the roof could be to blame. Fixing it would then allow you to spend less on energy costs and may even pay for itself before long.

Is It Time for Roofing Company To Install a New Roof?roofing company tomball installing new roof

With some luck, your home needs some roof repair rather than a full replacement from a local roofing company. However, this isn’t always the case. There may be a time when a repair isn’t enough or when it doesn’t make sense for your home.

For example, if there are several leaks throughout your roof, this is a sign that the entire roof is wearing down instead of just one area. While you could repair the current leaks, you may need more repairs before long. Continuously getting repairs may end up costing you more than an entire roof replacement Tomball would.

Also, look for significant structural issues with your roof. If your current roof is sagging or drooping, this is a clear sign that you need a new roof. Some repairs would be so extensive that it simply doesn’t make financial sense to patch it up rather than replace the entire roof.

Lastly, you may want to replace your roof if your current roof is getting older. Modern roofs are built to last for more than 50 years, but this wasn’t always the case. Roofs installed a few decades ago weren’t as durable, and their time may have come. Find out when your roof was last replaced, as this may tell you it’s time for a new one, especially if you plan to be in your home or building for a lot longer.

Benefits of Hiring a Local Roofing Company

Whether you need some roof repairs or an entirely new roof, you should work with a cocal roofing company. Roofing contractors in Tomball know what types of roofs are best for the homes and businesses in this area. Residents in Tomball have some unique weather challenges to deal with, and you’ll want a roof that can properly withstand them all.

When your roof needs repairs or a roof replacement in Tomball and Spring area, contact Guardian Roofing. Our family-owned business handles both residential roofing services and commercial roof services in Tomball. We have years of experience and do our best to provide high-quality service to all our neighbors in Tomball. Therefore, no matter what sort of roofing services you may need, we are here to help.

For a free consultation or any questions about your roofing needs, please feel free to contact Guardian Roofing today.





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