The roof is the most important element of your home which gives you a sturdy shelter throughout the seasons. It protects you against inclement weather conditions like hurricanes. To hurricane-proof your roof, hire the professionals with experience in roofing Houston TX homes and buildings.

But first, let us see what steps you can take to protect your roof from such unpleasant situations.

Prepare Beforehand For a Hurricane

You never know when a hurricane might hit, so you have to prepare for such a scenario. Every year, keep inspecting your roof for any damages or repairs. Your roof has to be able to withstand high winds during the hurricanes, which can go up to 155 mph.

Such powerful winds can uplift the whole roof structure, pulling off the tiles or shingles of the roof. Sometimes, the hurricane won’t even spare the underlying roof deck. In order to avoid the brunt faced by your roof, you need to keep it well-maintained.

Hence, schedule one day per year to inspect your roof and stick to this routine. Start by climbing on top and inspect the roof surface or check from the ground below, with binoculars. No matter what safety measures you follow, there could be something that you miss. Therefore, hiring a Houston roof contractor to inspect your roof is the best solution for you.  It’s always a good idea to prepare for hurricanes in advance, because, when the storms hit, it will be too late.

hurricane strapping on residential roof

What to Look for During Your Inspection:

  • While inspecting your roof, pay close attention to the shingles. If there are any curled ones. Check whether there are any missing or loose roof tiles. You must get these damages fixed immediately.
  • Inspect the edges of the roof for missing nails or their spacing. It is very important to maintain almost four inches gap between them. The nails must hold the roof shingles and securely connect the underlying roof deck and the rafters.
  • Check the rafters for any protruding nail tips as these could be dangerous. Moreover, this means that your plywood roof deck is not installed properly.
  • Check the interior of the roof as well, starting with the attic. If there are any visible gaps in the attic, light can shine through. This also implies that the roof is not secure enough. These gaps not only let the light in but also make way for wind and water.

After inspecting your roof, take measures to mitigate the damages of the hurricane. Instead of doing these by yourself, hire experts to fix the issues related to residential roofing Houston TX.

worker working on roof on a heritage home

Steps to Hurricane-Proof your Roof

The fact is that you can save a lot of money on hurricane insurance premiums. You just have to take the necessary steps for minimizing the storm damages. Most insurers offer you discounts on your hurricane insurance.

Most older homes have roofs that don’t comply with the latest building codes. These are particularly vulnerable and are easily damaged by strong winds and water infiltration. Taking the below steps will ensure that your home will be better protected from hurricanes. In addition, you can save huge amounts of money on eventual repairs.

  • One of the most valuable steps towards hurricane-proofing your roof is to make it durable and sustainable. For this reason, metal roofing, storm shutters, or specialized attachments are very popular.
  • Another aspect that can minimize losses is by investing in great roof design. Some roof designs are more vulnerable to wind than others. Don’t opt for gable roofs or roof designs with inverted V and vertical walls on either end. Instead, use wooden braces attached to the rafters for increased stability. Similarly, sealed vents at each end and a pyramid-shaped hip roof can better resist hurricane winds.
  • Use a caulking gun to apply roofing cement on the edges of roof shingles. Use construction adhesive to the rafters or trusses where they connect to the deck.
  • One more inexpensive but effective tip is to install metal hurricane clips. These connect the interior walls of your home to the roof. This gives your roof additional structural support and better wind-resistance. However, it’s difficult to retrofit these clips into an existing roof. Hence, you will need the services of the best Houston roofing contractor.

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