Know What to Expect in a Gutter Installation

Regular Houston roofing should probably include gutters because of their importance to protecting your home from water damage. If the gutters are well maintained, they should last up to 20 years. Sooner or later, they will wear out, though. Then, you will need to have new gutters installed to replace them. Below is everything you need to know about professional gutter installation from a metal roofing company.

How do You Know When You Need New Gutter Installation?

Regular inspection of your gutters can reveal when they have become worn out and are in need of replacement. Cracks in your gutters are highly significant but can be difficult to see. You may need the aid of binoculars to identify them.

You should also look for damage to other parts of your home that may be related to worn-out gutters. For example, water cascading down the side of your house may get soaked up by the wood around your windows, so check these for rot. Look for signs of mildew growth, especially on your siding.

What Type of Gutters Should You Choose?gutter installation on a house

Gutters are available in several styles. The type you should choose depends on many different factors, such as the layout and shape of your home and the landscaping surrounding it.

Gutters also come in a wide range of materials, such as aluminum, copper, and steel. They can be custom colors to match your siding or fascia boards, and they can be seamless to reduce the likelihood of leaking.

In addition to the gutters themselves, you have different gutter accessories to choose from as well. For example, screens can prevent leaves and other debris from clogging up your gutters. If you have a metal roof, you may want to think about snow guards or snow breaks that can prevent damage to people and property from falling ice and snow.

Because each home is unique, there is no generic guidance for the type of gutters you should choose. Fortunately, roofing contractors Houston can advise you based on the situation that they observe around your property.

When Should You Have Gutter Installation, and How Long Does it Take?

Compared to other home improvement projects, professional gutter installation can be performed relatively quickly. If your roof is very large or has a lot of complex shapes and angles, it may take longer, but usually, the installation can be completed within one day.

The best time for new gutter installation is when the weather is relatively drier. In Houston, the wettest months are May and June, while the driest months are February and July. Therefore, you may either want to have the gutters replaced in late winter or early spring, before the heaviest rains, or in mid-summer after they are over.

What Should You Know Before Having New Gutters Installed?

Before you can have the new gutters installed, there are some important things you need to find out:

  1. Are there any local ordinances that apply to your gutter installation? You shouldn’t need a building permit because gutter replacement is considered routine maintenance, but your community may require a specific type of gutter.
  2. What’s going to happen to the old gutters? Are you going to remove them yourself, or will roofing contractors remove and dispose of them for you?
  3. Is there any additional damage that needs to be repaired before the new gutters can be installed? For example, rotted fascia boards may need to be replaced, and chipped paint may need to be touched up.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Gutter Installation?gutter installation on home with brick columns

When you have professional gutter installation, you can be sure that they are installed correctly and will keep water away from the wood, siding, and foundation of your home. Correct gutter installation helps prevent rain from running off the roof and dampening people as they exit or enter your home.

Climbing up on a ladder to replace gutters can be dangerous due to the risk of falling. Roofing contractors Houston take the necessary precautions to mitigate the risks and avoid any unfortunate accidents, keeping everyone safe.

Guardian Roofing also provides cleaning and maintenance services for gutters so we can help take care of the gutters we install for you for many years to come. Find out more about our gutter repair and installation services.