If you’re a homeowner, you have a lot of things to think about. You’re responsible for making sure your property is kept in good condition and continues to keep you and your family safe. Just don’t forget to include your roof in the list of items you take care of every year.

Homeowners should have their roofs maintained regularly to avoid major issues. When you hire a Tomball roofing company to check the health of your roof and make repairs as needed, you save yourself time and money by extending your roof’s longevity.

However, suppose you choose to ignore your roof and not worry about maintaining or repairing it when minor issues arise. In that case, you’re more likely to deal with expensive roof repairs or even roof replacement sooner than necessary. Here’s what you should know when hiring a Tomball residential roofing company for your roofing needs.

Signs You Need to Hire a Residential Roofing Company to Fix Your Roof

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If you are a new homeowner or even an experienced one, you may be wondering how to tell if you need to hire a residential roofing company. The first step is to pay attention to your roof. It would be best if you visually inspected it at least once every few months to make sure it looks like it’s still in good condition. Then, while you’re looking it over, watch for these common signs that your roof needs repair right away.

  • Loose or missing shingles: It’s especially important to check for missing shingles after high winds or other inclement weather. Even the effects of harsh winter snow can lead to the loss of one or more shingles.
  • Attic leaks: Some attic leaks are due to issues with the flashing. You may be able to fix the problem by hiring Guardian Roofing to fix or repair your flashing. However, if the problem is due to holes in the underlayment, you’ll need to schedule a roof replacement.
  • Staining on your interior walls or ceilings: This is a common sign of a leaky roof, allowing moisture to get into your home and stain the surfaces it contacts. You’ll likely need a residential roofing company to replace your roof if you see water staining inside your house.
  • Roof discoloration: If your shingles are very faded or if they look discolored, it’s probably time to schedule a roof replacement. Discolored shingles are a common indication that your shingles are too old and need replacement. In addition, if the shingles appear greenish, you could be dealing with a dangerous mold or mildew issue that needs to be resolved right away.
  • Cracking or curled shingles: Like faded shingles, cracking or curled shingles are signs that your shingles are reaching the end of their lifespan and may need replacement soon.
  • High energy bills: This isn’t something you can ascertain by looking at your roof, but there’s a good chance you have roofing issues if your energy bill suddenly skyrockets. The problem could be as simple as insufficient insulation in your attic, or it could be something more serious such as a porous roof that allows air to escape.

If you don’t feel comfortable troubleshooting issues with your roof, don’t worry! A skilled Tomball residential roofing company will be happy to come out and inspect your roof to determine the problem and what steps need to be taken to fix it.

How to Find the Right Tomball Residential Roofing Company

Residential Roofing Company in Tomball | Guardian Roofing

There are multiple Tomball residential roofing companies out there, so you may be wondering how to choose the best option for your current roofing situation. To make sure you have the best experience possible, we recommend you select a roofing company that offers the following:

You can find all of these qualities and more in Guardian Roofing. Our roofing contractors are all highly trained and know how to finish each roofing job quickly and efficiently. We’ll also clean up after ourselves, so your property is left as clean as it was when we first arrived. Our goal is to ensure our clients are satisfied with our roofing services.

Make an Appointment With the Roofing Company Homeowners Trust

Your roof is the most important features of your home because it’s your first line of defense against the elements. You want to make sure you take good care of your roof by having it maintained and repaired as needed by a skilled Tomball roofing company. If you’re ready to schedule repairs or roof replacement Tomball roofing services, contact us today!

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