Top 10 Causes of Roof Leaks

With an expert roofing Houston TX company by your side, you’d never have to worry about a leaky roof or dark spots on your ceiling.

At times, you may think to yourself, “Those spots are not that bad after all; we can let it wait.”

However, with a good understanding of why roof leaks occur, you can take the necessary measures to prevent it.

A roofing solution provider will go a long way in protecting your roof through a preventive maintenance program. After all, almost 40% of all building related problems are due to water penetration and water penetration usually happens through the roof.

Let’s understand the top 10 reasons for roof leaks:

1. Broken or Missing Shingles

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How does it look like:
Shingles are individual, rectangular slate or metal blocks that overlap each other to form the exterior part of a roof. Hence, it is the easiest to identify visually. You can figure out a broken or missing shingle by spotting the discolored patches on the roof.

What causes the damage:

Broken or missing shingles are often caused by extreme weather conditions such as a heavy downpour, hailstorm, etc. and improper installation. These conditions cause the shingles to corrode, get blown off, or lose their grip.

According to The Travellers Companies Inc., exterior wind damages resulted in 25% of all losses claimed by US homeowners between 2009-2015.

2. Improperly Sealed Valleys

How does it look like:
The ‘V’ shape created, when two parallel slopes of a roof join, is the valley of the roof. There are primarily two types of valleys - open and closed. In a closed valley the shingles installed on the roof extends to the valley. Whereas, in an open valley a pre-bent metal is installed in the lining of the valley.

What causes the damage:

In both open and closed valleys, a major problem arises due to improper sealing of the bent. The damage can also happen due to cracks caused by unsupervised construction or maintenance. These factors cause the buildup of debris and water in the vents, therefore resulting in leaks and rot.

3. Clogged Gutters

How does it look like: The gutter of your roof is a narrow trough that suspends along the lower edge of the slope. The primary use of a gutter is to channel water off your roof and allow it to fall far off from the building.

What causes the damage: Water does not travel seamlessly off the roof and away from the building due to clogged gutters. In such cases, water gets accumulated in one part of the roof and eventually seeps into the cracks. Whenever you see twigs and leaves sticking out of the lower edge of your roof, get the gutter inspected by an expert roofing Houston TX company.

 4. Cracked Roof Vents

How does it look like: Ever wondered what those tiny pipes sticking out of the roof do? Well, these are roof vents that act as exhausts. There are majorly two types of vents you would find in a typical building - intake and exhaust.

Intake vents are placed on the lowest eave of the roof assembly and allow outside air into the building. Exhaust vents are placed at the high point of a roof assembly, and allow air trapped inside to exit. That’s why roof vents are also known as the respiratory system of your building.

What causes the damage: Roof vents may develop cracks over time. The gaskets/flashing around the opening junction of the vent pipes are prone to breakage and decay over time. This can cause unwarranted leaks that are hard to detect.

5. Badly Installed Skylights

How does it look like: Skylights make your building energy efficient and adds to its aesthetic value. They come in varying shapes and sizes such as flat, arched, and domed.

What causes the damage: Leaks pertaining to skylights are quite easy to spot. They are caused by poor quality installation and flashing along the edges. When a skylight is improperly installed, you will find wet spots and water dripping from its sides.

6. Moisture Formation in The Attic

How does it look like: A damp attic starts to show signs of mold and mildew. The fungal growth is often accompanied by a distinct musty stench. These factors indicate that your attic is exposed to heavy moisture or humidity.

What causes the damage: A damp attic is often caused by a clash of internal and external temperatures. During extreme weather, there is a significant difference in these temperatures. This causes condensation in the attic. This enables water to make its way through onto the roof’s surface. To safeguard the service life of your roof, regular maintenance by a professional roofing Houston TX company is paramount.

 7. Aging Roof

How does it look like: An aging roof usually looks dilapidated and worn. Typically, aging roofs have broken shingles, bald spots, and/or moss buildup.

What causes the damage: Mature roofs are often used to their maximum potential. Regardless of experiencing a fallout or not, a roof will face leakage once it reaches the end of its service period.

8. Holes and Cracks

How does it look like: Have you recently gotten your TV antenna removed? Or maybe you asked your neighbor to do a rooftop installation.

If so, you must check if any such activities resulted in a crack or hole in your roof.

What causes the damage: Quite often, you may try to save some extra bucks by not hiring an expert and doing it yourself. By doing so, you often end up damaging your roof in many ways. Holes and cracks caused by such unsupervised activities can draw water into the building. Contact a roofing Houston TX company to set up a free inspection.

 9. Ice Dam Buildup

How does it look like:  During the winter months you may experience problems with ice accumulating on your roof edge. This accumulation prevents the drainage of the melting snow, resulting in an ice dam buildup.

What causes the damage:  Ice dam buildup is a double whammy due to the combined weight of ice and water lodging on the roof.  Consult a roofing company to prevent permanent damage caused by penetration of moisture and cold into the roofs through ice dams.

 10. Damage to Soffits and Fascia Boards

How does it look like: Many people are not aware of the basics of soffits and fascia boards. These boards provide a finished look to the roof but and prevent wind and water from rotting the roof edge.

What causes the damage:  Buildings with wooden soffits and fascia experience dry rot and crumbling due to exposure to water and sun. Squirrels and other pests can aggravate the condition. Damaged soffits and fascia can ruin the structural integrity of a building.

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